Alice Springs




Jarrod Ashcroft

  • Coaching Level: Level 1
  • Location: Darwin
  • Contact the Darwin Squash Centre on 8945 7362 

Jesse Yep

  • Coaching Level: Level 1
  • Location: Darwin
  • Contact Details: 8945 7362



Donna-Marie Grieve

  • Coaching Level: Level 1 and Qualified Referee
  • Location: Nhulunbuy (GOVE)
  • Contact Details: Mobile: 0438 175013
  • Coaching Experience: 10 Years plus

My name is Donna-Marie Grieve and I have four Children. I have been involved in the Gove Squash Club for the past 20 years.  I have seen many changes to the Club and faces going through the Club.  We are a very vibrant happy social Club here in Gove where I have the role of the President and Coach of Gove Squash Club. I have many coaching certificates in various sports, as I’m a very active person in the community. I have achieved many awards, my greatest award with Squash was this year when I was nominated by NT Squash in The Sports Award for 2012. I was luckily enough to take out the NT Sports Volunteer Award for 2012, which was a great Honour and I thanked all people who I have coached and who nominated me. I coach anyone from beginners to experienced individuals and I also do the coaching for the School Clinic’s which I run each term, depending on the Schools Timetable.